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Bird Report from Morro Bay

3 May

My Morro Bay trip was more about family fun and frivolity than birding. Still, I did manage a little birding while I was there. Some (the Turkeys) seemed to come and find me. Others were there at just the right moment. Still others flew by but were not id’d. There was a few tiny birds in the trees around our campsites but I never saw them well enough to id them. They were totally flitters — never settled anywhere long enough to be id’d. Probably Vireos or Kinglets but no way to tell for sure.

Wild Turkey – Meleagris gallopavo 3
California Quail – Callipepla californica X
Western Grebe – Aechmophorus occidentalis 1
Great Blue Heron – Ardea herodias 1
Great Egret – Ardea alba 2
Snowy Egret – Egretta thula 2
Turkey Vulture – Cathartes aura X
Anna’s Hummingbird – Calypte anna X
Costa’s Hummingbird – Calypte costae 1 LIFER!
Chestnut-backed Chickadee – Poecile rufescens X
Bewick’s Wren – Thryomanes bewickii 1 LIFER! Oops – not a lifer.  Already on my list.  Sigh.
Dark-eyed Junco (Oregon) – Junco hyemalis [oreganus Group] X
House Finch – Carpodacus mexicanus 4

Annoyed House Finch
“Go away! You’re giving away my hiding place! Stop taking pictures! GO AWAY! NOW!”

I think my favorite bird of the trip was this irritated female House Sparrow. Don’t you love the way she’s giving me the hairy eyeball? My crime, you ask? Well, I found her nest! She was nesting under the eaves of a little cafe by the water. She was not happy to see me, I’ll tell you.

So, yes, I went away!