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Will he still need me? Will he still feed me?

4 May

pretty flower at Morro Bay State Park

My husband borrowed my camera for his meeting today. So my plans for my post went out the window. No worries. With a backlog of photos (even out of focus ones), I can always find something to yammer on about.

I am very excited today because I am getting a new computer. Greg is picking it up today while he is out and about. I should clarify . . . it’s a new to ME computer. We love Craig’s List! I am getting a laptop — a Powerbook G4. Like this . . .

Isn’t it beautiful? And, because I am all about the accessories and all about the stuff and all about the tools and the stuff (did I mention the stuff?), I ordered some accessories last night . . .

It’s going to be the pinkest Powerbook evah! My husband is appalled (which only makes it all the better!)

So, the really exciting thing about this is why I am getting it. Summer is coming. I will have a lot of free time. My husband — who really does love and understand me — is calling my bluff. Bad things happen when people call my bluffs — I generally end up doing what I said I was going to do. I do things like get tattoos when I turn 40 and things like that. So anyway, this particular bluff isn’t about tattoos, body piercing, or anything like that. It’s about doing something I’ve always said I would do. Doing something that I think I’m good at. Doing something I’ve always dreamed of doing. Writing.

My husband is calling my bluff, buying me a laptop, and telling me to write. A book, a story, poems, articles — whatever it is that comes out. Just write. Focus on the writing. Make time and space for writing. Write.

Is it any wonder that I love him so much? What a guy. He knew my dreams when I was 18. He honors them when I’m 44.  I’m guessing he’ll feel the same when I’m 64.

Gage took this shot of Greg