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Memoir Mondays

19 May

Two Writing Teachers are hosting Memoir Mondays now.  (Thank you to Kevin for pointing me in this direction!)  The first assignment this week is a then and now look at friendship.

I met my best friend, D, in High School.  She was one of the golden people — clever, accomplished, popular.  I was not.  I was not unpopular — I had lots of friends and high school wasn’t the sort of nightmare for me that it is for many people.  Still my friend, D, was an intimidating figure at school.  She seemed to have everything.  When she sought me out, I was confused.  For a long time, I felt strongly that she only sought me out because she was friends with my boyfriend and if we broke up, she’d drop me cold.  I underestimated her badly.

We are still good friends — although, to be fair, I am now married for 20 years to that same boyfriend!  We have been through heartache and pain together.  We have stood up for each other in weddings.  We have had children at the same age.  We’ve vacationed together and drank together and built lives together.

We do not see each other enough — both of us have overly full lives.  But, when we do get together, all the time slips away and we are strong friends.  She is someone I absolutely rely on and I know she trusts me the same way.  Then, our friendship was fragile and delicate.  Now, our friendship is a rock we both depend upon.


Albion is a beautiful Place

19 May

I’ll share more details later but we are home — safe and sound. The weather was fantastic. Albion is amazing. The kind of place you don’t want to tell anyone about — please do NOT go there! Nothing to see here, move along, move along.  No fantastic scenery, no beautiful birds, no amazing abalone to eat (if you are friends with intrepid divers!).

King of the Mountain