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The one that got away . . .

29 May

The other morning, Ruby was barking like mad at something in the backyard. I went to the backdoor to see what it was. She ran out the dog door and over to a tree. I couldn’t see a squirrel in the tree anywhere and then, suddenly, my vision focused and I realized what I did see. There was a Great Blue Heron in the tree. Gulp.

I ran for my camera but by the time I got back . . . gone.

I couldn’t really be irritated with Ruby — that’s a pretty big bird to be hanging in the yard. Still, pretty cool backyard bird, huh?

I have gotten pics of Great Blues before though . . . here’s one from Elkhorn Slough. Or rather three from Elkhorn Slough!

Great Blue Herons on the Slough
(It’s way better large . . . go ahead and click on it so you can see!)