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When I am Queen, Dilly Dilly!

30 May

Remember this hole in my cabinet?

Cabinet doors installed

(not to mention this adorable picture!) Gosh, look at how sweet that is and look at how ugly that floor is! Shudder!

Do you remember why it is there?
Our original electric cooktop had a push button control panel on the front of the cabinet — brilliant, eh? When we moved into our house, this boy

Gage and Ruby in a quiet moment

looked like this


And, yes, he was every bit as cute-trouble as he looked! Therefore, having buttons that turned on the stove at easy access to an 18 month old was not a good thing. So, we replaced the stove and ignored the hole. (Hey, the whole kitchen was ugly — why worry about a little thing like a hole in the cabinet!)

Remember the tile we bought to hide it?

Tile is better than I hoped!

Remember how we were going to install it safely so it didn’t fall and break and I didn’t have to stand there and hold it for hours on end?

No? Neither did I! Luckily, my husband is smarter and more creative about this stuff than I am and he had a plan!

Lavander Tile being installed

Isn’t that clever? He propped it up on wood. The wood was held in place by the doors. Brilliant! The man is a genius!

Lavendar Tile installed

How beautiful is that? I love it!

Lavendar Tile installed

Why I love it so much!

Lavander in my yard

When we bought our house — lo those many years ago that I have now invoked twice in one post — the front yard was what I fondly called “The Deer Salad Bar.” The deer loved it — I did not. I’m sorry but if you live in deer country, you can’t plant roses and expect them to survive. The deer loooooove them. So, I systematically tore it all out and planted lavender. I love lavender. The deer do not. So, I have lots of it. The bees love it. The birds love it. The deer — who used to come right up on my porch to nosh on my plants now stay away. Hurrah! And, that is why I love the lavender tile, so much. Lavender just works for me.