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Wordless Wednesday — What did this tree do wrong?

21 May

What did this tree do wrong?

Ruby Tuesday — The Beach Dog Edition

20 May

Greg and Ruby

Since we were all having fun on the beach, Greg thought Ruby might enjoy it too. I had taken her there on leash earlier in the morning and she’d seemed to like it. The beach was empty and Ushki, the corgi, was already romping so we figured we’d get Ruby too. Greg couldn’t find her leash — luckily, she’s a lightweight little thing.

Ruby - Beach Dog!

Wonder of wonders. She who hates the water . . . loves the beach! She pretty much kept her feet dry but she romped and explored and played. So many good smells for a dog who loves to go to ground!

Playing on the beach!

She helped the kids dig their defense against the oncoming tide.

Ruby digging on the beach

She helped Greg look for intrepid sand gophers.

Ruby at Albion River Beach

She looked for love. In all the wrong places.

Greg, Ruby, and Ruth on the rocks

The biggest surprise of all was when she saw Ruthie high atop this rock on the beach and simply ran up the side of it. I wish I had pictures of it but each time she did it, I simply stood there with my camera limp and my mouth open in surprise. She simply ran up the side like a mountain goat. Ushki, the corgi, looked up at her in awe and dumbfoundment (probably a similar look to the one on my face!).

Ruby loves camping but she REALLY loved camping at Albion. We all did!

Memoir Mondays

19 May

Two Writing Teachers are hosting Memoir Mondays now.  (Thank you to Kevin for pointing me in this direction!)  The first assignment this week is a then and now look at friendship.

I met my best friend, D, in High School.  She was one of the golden people — clever, accomplished, popular.  I was not.  I was not unpopular — I had lots of friends and high school wasn’t the sort of nightmare for me that it is for many people.  Still my friend, D, was an intimidating figure at school.  She seemed to have everything.  When she sought me out, I was confused.  For a long time, I felt strongly that she only sought me out because she was friends with my boyfriend and if we broke up, she’d drop me cold.  I underestimated her badly.

We are still good friends — although, to be fair, I am now married for 20 years to that same boyfriend!  We have been through heartache and pain together.  We have stood up for each other in weddings.  We have had children at the same age.  We’ve vacationed together and drank together and built lives together.

We do not see each other enough — both of us have overly full lives.  But, when we do get together, all the time slips away and we are strong friends.  She is someone I absolutely rely on and I know she trusts me the same way.  Then, our friendship was fragile and delicate.  Now, our friendship is a rock we both depend upon.

Albion is a beautiful Place

19 May

I’ll share more details later but we are home — safe and sound. The weather was fantastic. Albion is amazing. The kind of place you don’t want to tell anyone about — please do NOT go there! Nothing to see here, move along, move along.  No fantastic scenery, no beautiful birds, no amazing abalone to eat (if you are friends with intrepid divers!).

King of the Mountain

Silly Names

18 May

1. WITNESS PROTECTION NAME: (Mother and Father’s middle name):
Burnett Lloyd  (Hmmmmm.  Not sure about that one!)

2. NASCAR NAME: (first name of your mother’s dad, father’s dad):
Charles Francis  (Hmmmmm)

3. STAR WARS NAME: (the first 3 letters of your last name, first 2 letters of your first name):
Milli or Donli (depending on if I use my maiden name or not)

4. DETECTIVE NAME: (favourite colour, favourite animal):
Pink Dog

5. SOAP OPERA NAME: (middle name, city where you were born):
Lee Glasgow

6. SUPERHERO NAME: (2nd fav colour, fav drink, add “THE” to the beginning):

The Red Margarita

7. FLY NAME: (first 2 letters of 1st name, last 3 letters of your last name):
Limil or Lidon (whatever . . . )

8. GANGSTA NAME: (fav ice cream flavour, fav cookie)

Jomoca Chocolate Chip

9. ROCK STAR NAME: (current pets name, current street name)
Ruby Hilton

10. STRIPPER NAME: (name of your fav perfume/cologne, fav candy):
Beautiful Chocolate

11. PORN NAME: (1st pets name, street you grew up on):

Radar Air Force Brat (Whatever — first cat I remember was named Radar and I’m an AF Brat — I didn’t grow up on any one street.)

We’re off again!

16 May

Route to Albion

We’re off again! This time we’re heading north to the Mendocino coast to a little spot called Albion. We are joining family up there — a blended family, of course.  My sister-in-law, Jennifer, her main squeeze, and her two sons are driving up with my mother-in-law.  My parents are arriving from the eastern Sierras on their own.  We’ll also be meeting some of the Main Squeeze’s diving buddies there.

That is the main lure.  Diving.  Abalone diving.  The eating will be good.  Very, very good.  As for me, I’ll be relaxing, talking, reading, sleeping, and spending time with my mom.  She had shoulder surgery a couple of weeks ago and is in the midst of her long and painful recovery. I’m really looking forward to spending some time with her and I hope that I can avoid getting grumpy and irritated with her.  I seem to be grumpy and irritated a lot lately . . . with everyone.

It’s been hot here.  Heat wave city.  No air conditioning in my classroom despite the fact that it is 2 years old. The powers that be decided that we didn’t have enough hot days a year to justify air conditioning.  All I can say to that is, “Fine!  You come and hang out with a bunch of 5th grade students after PE when it’s 100 degrees in the classroom!”  Add to that the stress of a major due date for the students and Open House on Thursday night and I don’t think my migraine this week needs much explanation.  Thankfully, it’s receding.

Still, hot weather is NOT my thing so when I saw this forecast for the weekend, I was soooooo glad that we will be in Albion, on the coast where it will be a perfect 70 degrees!  Blissfully cool but not cold.  Perfect!

They can’t stop themselves!

15 May

The amazing guys at 10,000 Birds are giving away copies of the new Young Birders Guide. Check out the contest post for details!


Wordless Wednesday – Sunrise

14 May


Ruby Tuesday: What’s with all the noise?

12 May


Sometimes my dad can be really loud.  He has these machines and I don’t like them.  He was tearing up the floor with this one.  Something about a leak or something.  Whatever, I don’t know why anyone would cut a big hole in the floor.  That’s just asking rats and mice and stuff to come in the house.  Sometimes I wonder if people ever think things through.

What you do when the leak is UNDER the floor

See, that big ol’ machine, just cutting a huge hole in the floor. Then they were all impressed with the big thick wood.  La-de-da!  Yea, people!  That wood was there for a reason — to keep out the rats!  And mice.  And squirrels.  And all the other vermin!  Moles could come in now.  They never listen to me.

Subfloor -- serious subfloor

It wasn’t all noisy this weekend though.  Mom did get some stuff put away.  I think the kitchen might start having food in it again soon!  I hope so!  Toes crossed!

A corner nearly done Moving back into the kitchen

Eye check

12 May


Lately, things have been looking a little blurry to me. In particular, I find that my arm isn’t quite long enough to read small print. This has been a bit disturbing to me as I have always had great vision. I do take comfort from the fact that my younger sister also needs glasses now as her arms were getting shorter too. Weird, huh? Along with that, I’ve also noticed that I can’t read things far away as well as I used to. More disturbing. So, on Saturday, I took myself in to see Ruthie’s eye doctor. I got good news and expected news. The good news, my distance vision is fine — my eyes are just not relaxing when I look in the distance so they aren’t focusing the way they should. Fixing the near vision should help and then my eyes can relax better. The expected news was that I am getting glasses.

My doctor calls them “detail” glasses. She says I need them for near and middle work. I can wear them as much as I want to and they will help my eyes to not be working so hard. That’s good news. My eye doctor is wonderful because she totally took my lifestyle into account when discussing my options with me. First of all, building a new habit is hard and using “detail” glasses only some of the time would be hard. It would be much easier to put something on my face and leave it there. So, she took that into account. We also discussed how I would inevitably push them up on the top of my head so she said I need plastic frames with a spring in the hinge. Done and done.

I ended up ordering Coach frames in a lovely and flattering burgandy color. Here is a link to the frames I’m getting for sale on eBay [click].  They looked great when I tried them on — although they were in black not the burgundy — I did try on a couple pairs in the burgundy and it looked great too.

Poppy as seen by dilated eyes

At the appointment, she also dilated my eyes so the rest of the afternoon, things looked like that flower: blurry, too bright, and pretty irritating. Best of all, I forgot my sunglasses — it’s understandable, I only have 43 pairs after all. So, I got to wear this sad little roll up sunglasses as I ran my errands that afternoon. I was a sight to see, I’ll tell you.