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Ruby Tuesday – “She’s a Killer!”

3 Jun

Disclaimer and Warning:  This post is not for the delicate of stomach, nor the lover of squirrels.

We are — as are most birders — beset by squirrels.  One of the many reasons that a Rat Terrier joined our lives was their propensity for chasing rodents.  Too often, I look out at my feeders and see this:

Tactical Error

or this:

Squirrel-Proof Feeder?  NOT!

All of which does not mean that I ever wanted Ruby to catch one.  Sure, she’s caught a mole (or two — we found another one) before but still, a mole is a far cry from a squirrel. I was pretty happy with her just chasing them away.  Occasionally, she scares a bird but my seed bill is way down with Ruby on the job!

But, I got an email from Greg today after I whined to him about how tired and sick I was feeling (staying home to go to the doctor tomorrow) that while my day was rotten, Ruby was having a GREAT day.  She “got” a squirrel.  I wrote back for clarification . . . “You mean she caught one?”  “Yup!” came his reply  “She killed it.”  And, then, in typical male fashion, he told me that he left it in the driveway for the kids to see before we dealt with it.

She's a Killer!

So, here’s how it went down.  He went out to get the mail and, as usual, Ruby went with him.  They walked out, got the mail, and then walked back.  As he got to his office door, he heard some very intense rustling noises coming from the leaves under the birch trees.  He turned to look and Ruby was going to town shaking something to kill it.  He ran out quickly thinking she’d gotten a bird and saw the fluffy tail.  She took her kill out to the driveway and then left it.  It was of no more interest to her.  The picture above was as interested as she got in it — sniff, sniff.  Yup.  It’s still dead.

So, she accomplished her goal.  I’d imagine it will make her even more determined.  Greg and I are amazed that she caught one.  They are way faster than she is and usually watch carefully enough to get a head start.  We envision two scenarios:  1)  The squirrel only saw Greg and thought it was safe.  Ruby came it from behind the car and he never saw her coming, or  2)  The squirrel saw her but instead of bolting up the tree, it froze as they will do as a car comes barreling down on them on the road with similar success.  I’m, of course, trying not to think about the 3rd scenario wherein the squirrel was ill and couldn’t get away.  Maybe it fell and was stunned.  Who knows.  Well, Ruby, but she’s not telling!

PS.  The kids were thrilled with Ruby’s accomplishment and praised her up one side and down the other for getting those bad squirrels.  That’s my tender darlings.

PPS.  We threw the squirrel in the trash.  Only later did I think to leave it for the Ravens — we’ll do that next time.  Should there be a next time.  Sigh.  Rest in Peace, Squirrely.