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Ruby Tuesday: I want a popsicle!

10 Jun

It was hot yesterday.  Really, really hot.  90+ degrees hot.  Hot, I tell you, hot!  When the family got home from school, Mom broke out the popsicles!  I thought it was a great idea!

Ruthie loved her TWO popsicles!

Ruth had a popsicle — actually, she had two!  Gage had a popsicle and then told jokes off the stick.  Mom and Dad had them too.  Everyone had a popsicle.

Gage had a popsicle

Well, not everyone. . .

Ruby wants a popsicle

Where’s my popsicle?  I’m a very small dog who is very hot and needs cooling down.  You try wearing a fur coat in this heat.  I wanna popsicle!

Hot Beebees!

Even the baby birds didn’t get a popsicle and look how hot they are . . . panting!  I guess if they didn’t get one, there’s no hope for a dog.  Sigh.