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Beebee Update

13 Jun

Look who I caught visiting!

I caught one of the parents visiting the nest one morning.  It’s amazing to me how such an incrediably loud bird protects its nest by being so still and silent.

Closeup on the beebees

This was taken a couple of days ago — the beebees are sure growing.  There are three of them.  In the hot afternoon, I can see them clearly — still hard to get good pictures with a nest growing in Wisteria.

Early morning beebees

I took this one this morning.  The beebees are sure looking grown up.  Yesterday afternoon, in the heat, they were all sitting up and out — one of them was outside the nest.  Adventurous critters.  I didn’t notice until I put it up here, the 2nd little face peeping out from under the one.  Too cute!