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Ruby Tuesday — IT’S SUMMER!

17 Jun

"What, I'm relaxed!"

When one is a very small dog with a very big job (killing all rodents who dare to enter my domain), oen is very glad when summer arrives.  For one thing, there are way more squirrels around in the summertime which means more squirrel chasing time.  For another thing, the days are longer — very few squirrels come around in the night.  Oh, and at night, there are more rats around and rats are a nice substitute for squirrels.  The most important reason that one very small dog might prefer summer over other seasons is that Mom and the kids are around all the time.  In the Fall, Winter, and Spring, I only have Dad during the day and that’s fine and all but he never takes me anywhere.  Mom, on the other hand, likes to have my company and regularly takes me with her on errands.  The kids are around all day and they like to throw things for me which is a good thing.  Being a very small dog in the summer is a very good thing.