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Ruby Tuesday – Why am I still bird blogging?

1 Jul

Ruby on the hunt

Ruby is a very good girl.  She likes to do what she is supposed to do — even when that’s hard for her.  So, when Mike asked us to answer the question “Why are you still bird blogging?” Ruby thought long and hard about it.  Here is her answer.

I don’t bird blog, Mike.  I’m so sorry.  I’m a dog.  I can’t type.  I couldn’t blog about my bird watching — even if I wanted to do so.  And, honestly, I don’t want to blog about it.  I do, however, watch birds.  Watching birds is important.  I do it everyday.  I pay most careful attention to the birds on the ground.  They like to come under the feeders and scrounge for seeds and bugs and stuff.  I can’t blame them.  Those bird seeds are tasty and when my mom gives the birds a treat and puts out Zick Dough!  Wow oh wow!  Well, I sometimes scrounge with the birds!

You are probably wondering why I watch birds.  There is one simple reason.  I watch the birds to make sure they aren’t squirrels.  The birds are Mama’s Birds and I have to watch them.  The squirrels are the Devil’s Squirrels and I can chase them.  If I’m really good, I catch them.  And, I kill them.  Then they won’t steal Mama’s birdseed anymore.  So, I watch the birds.  Mama doesn’t like it when I chase the birds by mistake. She scolds me and says, “Don’t chase Mama’s birds.”  I don’t mean to but come on!  A California Towhee looks a lot like a squirrel tail. They both twitch around on the ground.  They both go after the seed.  The both flit away fast when they see me.  You can see how I confuse them, right?

Anyway, I don’t blog about birds but I do watch the birds.  I watch them alot.  If the weather is nice, I’ll watch them for hours.  I don’t know if its possible but it wouldn’t surprise me that a bird could turn into a squirrel.  So, I watch them.  Carefully.