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Fleeing the nest

4 Jul

Tree Swallow

We are off for a few days.  We’re taking Gage up for a long visit with my parents up in the High Sierra.  He’s so excited!  Hiking!  Art!  Mimi and Bumpa to himself.  Bliss!

I don’t have time for a full report on my adventures but yesterday I had the luxury of a day with my sister, Jody.  We had a wonderful Japanese lunch — mmmmm, tempura!  And, then we headed out to Shoreline Park in Mountain View for some serious bird watching.  The goal was to see the Burrowing Owls that nest out there but they are done nesting in early July and they were gone . . . darn clock watchers!  Still, we saw some amazing birds.  A smattering of our lucky finds can be seen on Flickr (Santa Clara County Birds set).  My lifers for the day were:

  • Forster’s Tern
  • Least Tern
  • Surf Scoter (only because I somehow missed putting it in eBird when I saw it a couple years ago)

P.S.  Happy 4th of July everyone!  For the best 4th message I could find, go visit the Stoke’s blog {click}.  It’s beyond delightful!