Ruby Tuesday – On the Road Again!

8 Jul

Ruby loves the car

Ruby loves to go in the car with me to get the kids from their various events.  When we get near our house, I will roll down her window and let her look out.  She loves it.  I’ve worried a little bit though — if she saw a squirrel . . . well, she was riding back there with Ruthie and Ruthie was worried too.  Good thing.  I opened the window near Ruth and Ruby saw something and tried to jump out.  Luckily, Ruth grabbed her and told her in no uncertain terms NOT to do that again.  Yikes!  So, this little bit of fun may be too much fun for Ruby — sorry girl, window closed!


One Response to “Ruby Tuesday – On the Road Again!”

  1. KGMom 9 July, 2008 at 4:38 am #

    Oh Ruby Tuesday–don’t scare us like that!

    My dog also likes to go on car rides–I always put her harness on, hook on the leash, and hold her–then the window can go down. She has the habit of barking FURIOUSLY at dogs we pass.

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