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Myth or . . .

12 Jul


A flutter catches my eye
Could it be a fairy far from home?
Or just a simple lost moth?

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Happy Birthday, Bunny!

12 Jul


I just want to go to sleep and wake up in the morning and it’ll be like five seconds.  I can’t wait to be ten.  I’m tired of being a little kid.

Happy Birthday, Bunny Girl.  I am beyond proud of you, beyond loving you, nearly beyond words as I look at you and all you have accomplished in your ten short, blazingly fast years.  Ten years.  It just isn’t possible.  But, when I do the math (2008-1998=10), I know it must be.  You have grown and changed so much and yet you are still my little girl.  You are kind and funny and thoughtful and smart and very talented.  Yesterday, I heard you play flute music you composed and tonight I watched you dazzle me on stage in a play.  I ache with pride in you.  The years ahead will fly for me (and drag for you, I know) and my pride and love will only grow.  Your future’s so bright, you need to wear shades.