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Temperature Temper Tantrum

14 Jul

hot, sticky, temper
the temperature goes up
the heat annoys me

I have read about people who enjoy the heat, who sink into it, and fully relax.  I am not one of those people.  I cannot cope well in hot weather.  Small decisions are beyond me.  Little details slip away from me.  The heat annoys me.

hot, languid, lifeless
each leaf wilts before the heat
the water is hot

My favorite time of each day is when I water the garden.  When temperatures sore to over 100, the black coil of hose becomes an efficient solar water heater.  If I were washing my dishes, I’d be pleased but scalding my plants will not help them to recover from the heat.  The heat annoys me.

smoke clogs the clear sky
brown, ash-filled air clogs my lungs
I long for cool fog

I live near the coast.  Soon, the weather will change and the cool, damp fog will reclaim its right to march up into these mountains bringing fog needed by redwood trees, my garden, and the fire-fighters alike.  We wait for that.  Some wait calmly.  I wait with growing impatience.  The heat annoys me.


Haibun is an ancient type of poetry combining haiku and prose.  This haibun was written in answer to a prompt from read write poem.
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