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Ruby Tuesday – Mid-Summer Slump Editon

22 Jul


So, mid-summer.  We were supposed to be heading north to Oregon today.  But, that so didn’t happen.  We’ve scrapped the trip — made that decision a couple of weeks ago when it became clear that the crossroads between gas prices, my lack of paycheck for the summer, and the high cost of the kitchen remodel were not going to meet nicely but rather collide horrifically.  So, we’re in a bit of a slump.  No big vacation.  The kids’ swimming lessons were extended — and Ruth is taking diving lessons rather than continuing on with her basic swimming lessons.  Ruth is going to get a trip up to June Lake in early August.  We extended our camping trip that we are going to do to add on a family leg at Sequoia National Park.

In some ways I’m glad.  I have gotten very, very few of the things on my list done this summer.  Very little writing.  Very little classroom organizing.  And, a lot (although nowhere near enough) household organizing.

So, we’re in the doldrums a bit.  I know, I know.  Life is soooooo hard when the weather is perfect, you aren’t working, you and your loved ones are healthy.  Poor, poor, pitiful me.

Still.  Mid-July is a bit blah!  For Ruby too.  She’s not seeing nearly the squirrel incursions that she did last summer.  Poor dear is a victim of her own success.