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How much fun can one boy have?

28 Jul

Happy, toothy 8 year old boy

When Gage was up visiting my parents for a week, I took advantage of his being gone to clean his room.  He generally keeps it clean with reminders but with the busy year we had last year, it got away from him and then . . . fohgetaboudit.  By the time he left for his visit, I wouldn’t/couldn’t walk into the room to kiss him goodnight.  So, it took me two days, 3 boxes for Goodwill, 3 bags of garbage, and an incrediable amount of patience but it got done.

When his room is clean, he has room to play and have fun.  He has had this toy since he was 3.  It’s a special toy and so we keep it up high and only get it out when the room is clean and he’s feeling mellow.  He can put it together and run it himself now but I went in to keep him company.  His running commentary in the video is hilarious to me.  What a boy!