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Ruby Tuesday – The Floor is Finished Edition

29 Jul

Kitchen Floor

Some of you no doubt remember this picture of the lovely Ruby showing off and matching our new flooring.  She did not cooperate for another picture on the new flooring.  Probably because an 8 yo and a 9 yo boy were trying to “help” with the process.  No fool she.  Still, I love the way she matches the floor.

floor finished

After a brief haitus, we got back to work and finished up the floor.  Greg would measure and tell me what size to cut, I used that saw you can see behind Greg and cut the boards.  When we couldn’t use the nailer anymore, too near the wall, I put glue on the boards before giving them to Greg.  The floor looks gorgeous!  The bamboo that we used [click] is incrediably hard.  Our heavy-duty nailer (borrowed from Greg’s uncle who is a contractor) worked great.  At places where the nailer wouldn’t work, glue was the only answer.  In the kitchen, Greg experimented with top nailing the boards in but it didn’t work, required pre-drilling, and didn’t give satisfying results.  I really can’t stress enough how hard this bamboo is.  Makes me feel good about having it as our flooring.

floor finished

This is after my Scooba finished cleaning it up for me yesterday.  Isn’t it lovely? It took it ages because of all the dust and debris from construction.  I had to empty the tank a couple of times and clean out all the vacuumed up debris.  I love the Scooba.  I would have whined and grumbled my way through cleaning it.  I’m not sure it’s a timesaver, however.  I found myself standing and watching it work.  🙂

next project started

Of course, we have never been able to bask in our success.  We are always on to the next project.  So, we started working at the edging around the door.  That’s the next thing to go . . . that ugly, gigantic, single pane glass slider.  Can’t wait to say good-bye to it.