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Wordless Wednesday — with words

30 Jul

Canada Geese chasing off an unwelcome third wheel!

Overheard, two tables away
while waiting for my pizza to come
“Ooooo!  I love this song.”
“This song.  It’s crap.  It’s the worst kind of rap and pop crap.”

And then the child said nothing more.
What more could be said
in the face of such disapproval
in the face of such an eager child
shutdown shutout shutup

When she’s 16 and keeps her earbuds in all the time
When she’s 20 and won’t tell you about her boyfriend
When she’s 25 and doesn’t return your phone calls
Will you look back and remember why?

The cats in the cradle, my friend.
What goes around comes around.
Don’t waste it.
Pretend to enjoy the song, see some good in it.
Tell her why.  And, maybe she’ll tell you why when she’s grown.

All content written by Liza Lee Miller unless otherwise noted.
© 2008, Liza Lee Miller.Creative Commons License

Included as part of Poetry Friday, hosted this week at The Well-Read Child.