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Another rescue

1 Aug

Pygmy Nuthatch

Look at this poor thing.  We were working on our dining room floor and Greg had the slider wide open.  It is about 4 feet away from my kitchen window where all my feeders are.  I was working at my computer — Greg had gotten a work-related phone call and was dealing with that.  Ruby was driving me nuts — running around the house, growling, into the kitchen, barking, etc.  All that is very un-Ruby-like behavior.  Finally it penetrated my internet-dulled mind and I investigated.  I saw this poor baby in the kitchen beating itself against the window.

Made Greg take Ruby into his office and close the door — she ignores the birds outside but damn birds do not belong in the house!

I took one picture — terrible but the poor thing was panicked and not going to pose pretty for me.  And, then I set to work.  This was not an easy rescue.  Pygmy Nuthatches are brazen, tough, and assertive little things.  This one was not going to let me get my hands on it without a fight.  Twice I got it in my hands but it slipped out and bashed itself into the window again.  Shudder.

Finally, I had it in my hands tightly enough to keep it there and lightly enough not to crush it.  I walked to the open slider, opened my hands and . . . .

it just sat there.  Poor thing.  I don’t know if it was just waiting for me to eat it or exhausted from the battle royale or simply relieved to have a warm, soft place to rest a minute.  I let it rest and finally gently wiggled my fingers and it flew off into the nearest redwood tree and proceeded to chirp indignantly at me before disappearing into the woods.

The Nuthatches were back at my feeder the next day in full force but I do wonder what its side of the story was . . .