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One of the reasons for my distraction

3 Aug
His Majestys Dragon

His Majesty's Dragon

In researching for a story idea, I stumbled across a reference to this book, His Majesty’s Dragon by Naomi Novik.  I ordered the book on Amazon and fell into a most fantastic story.  Imagine that dragons are real and can be tied to one person through a bond of love and trust.  Imagine that you are an English naval captain fighting the forces of Bonaparte in Regency times.  Imagine you come across a very large egg. This book has almost all the elements I adore in a book . . . historical setting, fantasy, and alternative history.  It’s fantastic.

Oh, and best of all, it’s the start to a series.  I’ve already requested book two from my library.

The only problem is that this is the sort of first novel that is most discouraging to someone setting out into the dangerous seas of writing.  So many of my favorite authors make writing look so insanely easy that it would be very easy to get discouraged.

And, I’m easy to discourage, I must say.

Still, if this sounds at all appealing, give it a try.