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Weird & Wonderful Sky

7 Aug

A true Sky Watch moment.  My son interrupted me and said, “What are they doing?”  I looked out our big front windows to see all our neighbors in their driveway and the road pointing their cellphones and the sky and comparing pictures.  Obviously, we dropped what we were doing and ran out to see what they were looking at.  They were looking at the sky.

It was cloudy with light, high clouds.  The sky was really unusually colored as sunset was approaching.  The western sky was a gloomy, weird yellow color.  I turned to look where my neighbors were looking and saw this . . .


and later this . . .


This is the view of the Western sky at the same time.


We live in a great neighborhood.  I love chatting with our neighbors when our world collide just right and we’re all outside at the same time.  But, this was special.  Look at that sky.  There was no rain . . . other than a couple of drops.  Thunder storms were predicted but never materialized.    Just amazing colors and beautiful rainbows.

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