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Giant Sequoias are big trees

21 Aug

Greg and kids struggling with futility

This one is actually a pretty small one.  You couldn’t cut a hole in it to drive a car through, after all.  Still, Greg is nearly 6ft tall if that gives you perspective.  Do you see any branches on it –no?  That’s because they are another 20-30 feet above the picture.  They truly are GIANT trees!  Here is a great resource with loads of information about these impressive trees as well as other trees that are bigger, taller, wider, older, etc. than the trees you are used to seeing around you.  [click]  It is amazing to me — especially as I prepare to teach 4th grade which means learning about California — that California has the most massive trees (Giant Sequoias), the tallest trees (Coastal Redwoods — my backyard trees! 🙂 ), the oldest trees (Bristlecone Pine), and the largest community-based organisms (Aspen Groves).  Anyway . . . we have cool birds too, so come visit!