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Raven Memories

1 Sep

perched atop a tall dead tree
a black sleek raven
silhouetted with the moon

Raven Silhouette I


soaring, gliding, drifting free
around the high rock
taunting my camera lens

Raven soaring


an unkindness of ravens
meadow gathering
lift off as one and disperse

An Unkindness of Ravens

They say a pictures worth a thousand words.  I still only have words.  The mental pictures are not yet finished with me.  I find myself dwelling on them.  And, so I have more words to share about them.  I hope the images are finished with me before I write a thousand words about them.  -llm.

ps.  in other words, these pictures are not the ones that inspired the poetry — but they were as close as I could come in my photo collection!  🙂