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Wearing my heart outside my body

11 Sep

One of the joys of teaching is staying immediately involved in my children’s days.  Sometimes the news isn’t good though.  Ruthie’s PE teacher gave me a call to let me know that she’d fallen and gotten hurt.  She seemed fine and was in the classroom with ice on it.  I took a minute to pop down and check on her.  All seemed well.

Greg was picking the kids up from school as I had meetings.  He didn’t think all was well — that was nearly 3 hours later and she was in a lot of pain.  So, he took her to our doctor.  Small towns mean quirks and their x-ray tech wasn’t there that day.  But, there was little to no swelling and no bruising.  Ruth can move her fingers and so we were told to wrap it and ice it and give her Advil. The trouble is that she also can turn her arm over right now.

On Wednesday, Ruth was still in a lot of pain and so Greg took her back to the doctor.  Our fabulous doctor looked at it and ordered the xray.  She seemed to think it was broken.  But, the xray was clean.  Soooooo, we’re on the same advice again. Ace bandage, ice, and Advil.

Luckily, Ruthie is being REALLY good about all this.  Unluckily, she’s in a lot of pain with it all still.  So, I’m pretty stressed.  Turns out that wearing your heart outside your body (and *what* is that reference from???) is painful.

Oh, and our fabulous doctor (who really is fab — that’s not sarcasm!!!) made sure Greg knew that kids are prone to greenstick fractures and sometimes those don’t show up on xrays for a while.  So, if its still hurting in a week, then she needs to go back.  I assured Greg that I would NOT be waiting a week!