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Monday Morning Update

15 Sep

Still can’t get my rhythm to include regular blog posts or even carrying my camera around and charging it up regularly.  Sigh.  So, this is a sad, little attempt to get back into blogging.

  • Ruth’s arm.  Thankfully, it’s better.  Not well, but better.  With Advil now, she’s fine.  Once it wears off, she’s hurting again.  We think it’s probably just sprained.  If it were a hidden break, I think it would still be hurting as much, if not more than it did early on.  So, we’re waiting it out.
  • Ruby.  Yes, I still have a cute little dog named Ruby.  In fact, she had a bath last night.  Imagine that I took pictures of her post-bath antics.  Imagine that I took pictures of her during the bath feeling very sorry for herself.  Imagine I wrote up a witty post on all that and posted it tomorrow.  🙂
  • The house.  We’ve done a TON of work.  I actually have taken pictures of this aspect of my life but they are still in the camera.  I promise that I will post on that at some point.
  • School.  Life goes on.  Routines are getting settled.  Education is happening.  I still feel frazzled and out-of-sorts most of the time.  I think that will be better in a couple of weeks.  We’re starting a new program today at school and until that is going well, I doubt I’ll be feeling particularly organized in any area of my classroom.  Still and all, I think I am more PROACTIVE than REACTIVE this year so that’s a good thing.

I’m reading all your blogs daily but not always leaving comments.  Know I’m there though!  Promise!  🙂