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Weekends . . .

22 Sep

As a teacher and a parent, I have a love/hate relationship with weekends.  On the one hand, they are a break.  On the other hand, we tend to overfill our weekends to the point of crazy-making-ness.  This last weekend was one of those.  Greg was out of town (whine, whine, whine).  It was our bi-monthly Crafty Chix weekend.  Several friends wanted us to do activities.  I had to pick Greg up and the airport.  And, I needed to spend a good 2 hours in my classroom preparing for this week.  Somehow, all those things happened.  In the middle, we also dealt with changes in plans, sick friends, infected earring holes, organizing Halloween costumes, and a myriad of other little “life happens” stuff.

I’d say that going back to work would be a relief after such an impacted weekend but then I’d be lying.  Being a teacher makes a hectic weekend like that seem like nothing.

The good news is that we’re going camping next weekend.  That’ll be fun and I’m sure I’ll have no trouble fitting in a thorough cleaning of the motorhome and stocking up on camping food into THIS week!