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We’re going camping . . .

9 Oct

We are off tomorrow for Morro Bay, one of my favorite towns in the world.  Morro Bay is on the coast of Central California.  It’s about 3 hours south of here.  The weather is fantastic with lots of fog which I love.  Cool and lovely.  The bay itself is wonderful with lots of birds, lots and lots of birds.  The town is where I saw turkeys walking the streets last year and had a conversation with them.  We are meeting good friends and family there.  It will be a nice break.

Life is very, very stressful right now.  Lots of good things happening but lots of stress as well — particularly at work.  I’m tired of the stress, thank you.  So, I’m hoping that we all see some turkeys who make us laugh again . . . not the ones who get me down.

third turkey