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Ruby Tuesday – Bird Watcher Extraordinaire

13 Oct

Ms Ruby and I went for a long walk on Saturday evening at sunset in Morro Bay.  Morro Bay is a wonderful place for walking.  It’s lovely and full of spectacular scenery.  Ruby is a delightful walking companion.  Ruby loves to walk.  She’s pretty good about bird watching, too.  My only complaint is that she is tends to pull at just the wrong moment and ruin my photographs.

Of course, if I’d teach her to sit and stay when I tell her to I could probably stop complaining about that little issue.

Ruby having fun walking in Morro Bay

The marina at Morro Bay State Park is so lovely at sunset.  I love the way the light brings it all alive.

Sunset in Morro Bay

This seagull is so wonderful.  He just posed for me and let me find just the right shot.  Such a good bird!

Seagull (Morro Bay)

But the best part was being there as the Egrets and Herons roosted.  These Snowy Egrets were so thoughtful in sitting where I could easily see them.  There were Great Egrets high up in the tops of Eucalyptus trees that I could see but not get pictures of.  But these guys were so thoughtful!  And noisy . . . for such delicate, lovely birds they make amazingly loud creaking noises.

Noisy Egrets (Morro Bay)

After I saw the Egrets from below, I realized that there was a trail that wound its way up around the trees so that I was eye level with the egrets and herons.  This amazing juvenile Black Crowned Night Heron was so breathtaking to me!

Juvenile Night Heron

Pretty much no matter where I looked, I saw amazing scenes and birds and just felt like I was about the happiest birding dogwalker on the planet!

Pelicans in Sunset

Ruby and I will have to go birdwatching more often.  She’s really quite amazing — just gotta work on her sit-stay so she’ll stop ruining my shots!  🙂