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Another Fun Day Birding

15 Nov

I went birding again in an unusual place.  My sister-in-law took us to a home in Capitola, California where a woman and her daughter run their own monthly used clothing (high-end, in spectacular condition) shop.  The clothing was fantastic and I did buy a few pieces.  However, I also fell in love with her garden.  She had delightful garden statuary everywhere mixed in with gorgeous flowers, fascinating succulents, and a particularly funny kitty.  You can look for stories on those topics later in the week.  The birds really caught my eye and I will say that I had an urge to cause a scene and then in the hubbub to steal several of them.   I had a very strong jealousy of this lovely garden — I would very much like to have the same sense of beauty and whimsy in my own too-long-ignored garden.

Birds in Capitola

This LBB was especially endearing — isn’t it sweet the way it’s hiding behind the wire?

More birds

Last time I couldn’t tell a goldfinch from a sparrow so I’m not going to give even a guess at IDing these sweet, little vine dwelling darlings.

More birds

More sweet little birds.  One is too shy to look but the other is giving direct eye contact.  Amazing.

Any ideas on IDing these unusual birds will be quite welcome!  Thanks!


American Sentences – a form of poetry

15 Nov

Writer Allen Ginsberg created a poetry form wherein one writes a sentence that is exactly 17 syllables long.  The amazing poetry site Read.  Write.  Poem. has asked participants to write an American Sentence that will be combined into a collaborative poem.  Very fun stuff.  You can learn about American Sentences at

Raven soaring

Here is my contribution:

A single raven flies overhead making a most raucous noise.

I can’t wait to see what the final collaborative piece of poetry will be.  I love collaborative work when it is done this way . . . in other words when someone else organizes it and I don’t have to meet with people and talk to them and share a common vision but instead we all create something we like and then we see what it turns into — it’s a very special way to create.  And, it works with my curmudegeonly writer ways.  🙂

Oh, and please note the clever way that I ensured that a bird . . . my favorite bird . . . would appear in the group poem.

©2008, Liza Lee Miller.  All rights reserved — except for Read.Write.Poem. putting it into a group poem and creating something new and wonderful with my words.