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Ruby Tuesday — Sort of

18 Nov

Okay, okay, not really a Ruby Tuesday because this is a cat post. A cat post? From me? The Queen of Cat Allergies. Well, it’s not that I dislike cats . . . just that I can’t hang with them. And, cats, being cats, generally decide that they love me best of all.

My sister and I were walking around this garden on Saturday. We were both taking photographs of all the beauty around us. This friendly gray cat kept coming up and rubbing on us. “Please pet me,” he would ask. “But, we can’t,” we replied, politely.

He was not amused.

Cat story

I tried to get a shot of his extreme irritation at our ignoring his needfulness and desire but I missed it. He sat there with his ears flat and his tail twitching. “Fine, don’t pet me, then,” he seemed to be saying in a pouty voice.

Cat story

I continued taking pictures and was kneeling down to take a shot of a pretty cluster of white flowers and when I looked up the driveway, I saw this intrepid jungle hunter staring at me intensely.

My mother came out shortly and we informed her of the situation. She is not allergic to cats and she immediately set out to pet the sulky cat.

Cat story

He let her attend to his itchy neck and leaned in for some good pets. And, then he stood and stalked over to me, clearly saying, “Now that you know how it’s done, I expect you to do the same.”

Needless to say, I did not oblige and he stalked off to another part of the garden.

I really do like cats. I just like breathing, too.