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Still missing my birds

9 Dec

I am still missing my birds.  They are still shunning me.  They seemed to like the peanuts.  Maybe it’s time to bring it back.


Chestnut-back Chickadees are are our local chickadees.  They are very sweet, brazen birds.  They love to hang out while I’m gardening and chirp in irritation when we go in and out of the door.  And, yet, they are staying away in droves.


Chestnut-backed Chickadees are the smallest Chickadee.  They don’t have a whistled song but they do have a lovely scratchy “chick-a-dee-dee-dee” song.  Their most notable feature is their pretty brown backs, which is, of course, where they got their name.

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Ruby Tuesday

9 Dec

Ruby's choice is made

A long absent Ruby wants you to know she’s quite relieved to finally be making an appearance on Ruby Tuesday.   This is her showing her approval of our carpet choice.  I’m sure her selection had nothing to do with heat worship and the warm afternoon sun!  Oh . . . and the intensity?  She thought she saw a squirrel outside the front windows.