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Poetry and Pride

12 Dec


I have written poetry for as long as I can remember, in fact, I was first published at 6 years old.  There was an 11  year gap in publishing but oh my goodness did I write a lot of poems during that time.  I was next published in my high school lit review.  And, then . . . nothing.

My poetry has been private until I started sharing it on this blog.  That was a huuuuuuuuge step.  And, I have gotten some nice feedback on my poetry from my readers here . . . and for that, I thank you. I have shared my poetry in open poetry blogs (see the sidebar for some links).

Still, I have been reluctant to push myself into taking more risks.  I have long had a goal of submitting my poems to some of the many online journals but have been really nervous about the rejections I know will come.  Poetry, for me and I suspect for most poets, is extremely personal.  I write what is in my heart.  Having someone say, “No, thank you” to chunks of my heart is a proposition that I felt reluctant to put myself through.

Still, I know that I want to do it.  I want to push myself and grow in that way.

So, still high on the personal success I achieved in NaNoWriMo, I took a chance.  I submitted a few poems to an online collection called A Handful of Stones. According to the publisher, Fiona Robyn, “a small stone is a moment of paying proper attention.”  She publishes new stones daily.  I tried my hand at this and she accepted two of my “stones.”   They will be published in the new year.  I am so excited!

I have also been enjoying reading a new blog called Winter Haiku.  I asked if I could share my haiku there as well.  I was, again, very fortunate and my poem was accepted. You can see it here.  Again, I am thrilled.

Risk-taking doesn’t come all that naturally to me.  I have to force myself to it.  I should not be so reluctant, though, as I generally find that I am happy with the results when I do.  I have gained much whenever I push myself out of my comfort zone and reach for something that I want.

Still, I don’t see that risk taking getting any easier as time goes on.