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Star or Angel?

18 Dec

Hark!  The Herald Angels Sing

There is a holiday meme that makes the rounds this time of year.  One of the questions is “star or angel?”  I guess you now know where I stand.  I wonder if my husband would mind if I replaced our angel with a raven?

Actually, we do both star and angel.  Hey, it works for us.

As my kids and I left school yesterday, we saw two Christmas tree angels.  I had left my camera at home and was sick about it.  “They’ll never do that again,” I moaned to my children.  When we left today, there was one.  I ran back into my classroom to grab my camera.  The kids stood around in front of the building saying, “Hmmmmm.  Act casual.”  and “Do you have any threes?” until I got back.

When I got the shot (well, about 40 of them), they cheered and said, “Victory!  Victory!”

What goofy kids.  Still they know those ravens usually flee at the sight of my camera.  So, yes, I felt pretty victorious when I got the shot!

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