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Patience is a virtue, they say

28 Dec


Patience is not my strong suit, to say the least but I must practice it right now.  For Christmas this year, my husband has gotten me an Amazon Kindle.  It is what I wanted and I did hint rather strongly (pretty much sent him 2 articles a week about the wonders of the Kindle).  Kindle is a hot commodity right now.  They are sold out following their endorsement of Oprah earlier this year.  In addition, Amazon is evidently preparing to release Kindle 2 and speculation is rampant that they are not shipping any Kindles until the 2 is released in February.  But, Amazon isn’t saying anything and it’s really all just speculation.  But, speculating helps pass the time.

So, what am I doing while I’m waiting?  There are things to do while waiting for your new Kindle.

  • cancel all the “pre-order” book orders I’ve placed on Amazon for my favorite books
  • add those “pre-order” books to my wishlist in the Kindle versions (when I can)
  • read blogs about Kindle such as
  • window-shop for pink goodies to go with my Kindle
  • window-shop for pink decals for my Kindle
  • update my wishlist on Amazon for books that I want to have on my Kindle
  • think about accessories that I need for my Kindle like a book light, car charger, screen protector, and the like.

These things pass the time but, oh my, it’s a still hard to wait.  Sigh.  Poor me.