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Winter Haiku

2 Jan

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Where did you bird on January 1st?

2 Jan

My first bird of the New Year was, as I’d hoped, a Chestnut-backed Chickadee.  I went out around 11:30 am on New Year’s day and heard a flock of birds in the trees across the street.  I could barely see them and they were calling but not clear Chickadee calls.  I used my camera to take a picture so I could zoom in and ID them.  They were my sweet Chickadee friends.

First bird of 2009

Jet on 1-1-2009
Crisp, clear, winter sky

Later in the day, my family went out for a walk on the Santa Cruz wharf.   As we left home, a raven said good-bye to us. Beautiful, glossy, shiny, black thing.

Santa Cruz Wharf visit
Santa Cruz Wharf visit

We arrived on the coast and felt amazingly lucky to be living in beautiful California on a sunny winter day.  It was cold and breezy but there were people in the ocean.  We walked out to the end of the wharf.  We saw California Gulls, Brown Pelicans, Brandt’s Cormorants and a Pacific Loon.  The last two being Lifers for me.  (Clare will be so relieved that I have finally seen a Loon in person!)  We also had the joy of watching Sea Lions playing on the piers below the wharf.  What a great way to get my first 7 birds of the year.

Pretty Seagulls all in a row

Cormorant preening

Pacific Loon (Gavia pacifica)

What a rough life!

After our walk, we went to see Marley and Me.  This was a beautiful, funny, sad movie.  This story reminded me so much of my first Labrador, Kashmir.  We laughed hilariously.  We cried, too.  I was pretty much sobbing as quietly as I could in the crowded theater.  My daughter and I had to have a long talk walking back to the car about why movies (and books) that make us cry are satisfying and wonderful in so many ways.  She’s been reluctant to read Black Beauty and Little Women because they are sad.  So, maybe this experience will help her to reach for some new experiences.

I hope all of you have a great first day of the year, as well.  If you need a little poetic inspriation for the new year, visit my poem published on A Handful of Stones.

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