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Rock Drummer, 2009

7 Jan

My husband, the drummer, just made a huge change.  He has had his drum set for longer than I’ve known him.  They are a part of him.  So, when he told me he wanted electronic drums, I was a little bit surprised and envisioned his office with two sets of drums up all the time.  Still, music is his passion so I sighed deeply and made that his Christmas gift from me.

He then told me that he’s expecting to like them so much that he’ll eventually sell his old drum set.

I was floored.  I mean, if he’d sell his drums, he might sell me or the kids!  🙂

Greg with new drums

He loves them.  And, I have to say that I love them too.  They are, in a word, quiet.  When he plays them, I hear a faint tapping sound.  It’s wonderful.  Heavenly.  Blissful.  Joyful.  Quiet.  Magically quiet.  Something a drummer’s wife doesn’t expect.

Hey, isn’t that the best kind of gift?  One that makes BOTH parties happy?