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Bleak mid-winter

16 Jan

Night sky

Feeling a little blue and dark today.

While the whole country is in a monetary turmoil right now, California’s crisis is unique.  Our deficit is more than some countries spend in a year.  We have difficult problems to solve and none of our “leaders” show the will to solve them.  The legislature sends our governor a budget and he vetoes it.  Our governor sends the legislature a proposal on a budget and they won’t pass it.  Meanwhile, we are close to issuing IOUs for our debts.  (Gee, didn’t know we could do that.  Hey, phone company, here’s my IOU.  Hey, electric and gas company, let’s just say IOU for this month, okay?).

It’s nervous-making times as a citizen of this state but as a teacher, it’s terrifying.

I’m a new teacher.  This is technically my 2nd year teaching although I have taught previously for 3 years at the same school, I don’t believe any of them “count”.  We are looking at drastic changes in the way education is handled in California.  And, the worst part of it is, we really don’t know if any of it will happen or none of it but the school district superintendents in our state have been told to plan for the worst case scenario.

Worst case scenario.  I shudder to think what that means for our children in this state.  But, selfishly, for me, I could be out of a job at the end of this school year.  I will likely get pink-slipped in March.  And, hopefully, in May they’ll rescind the pink slip because they will have more information about how this will all play out.  But, worst case scenario, I could be done with teaching and out there with the masses of other job hunters, seeking an illusive, non-existent job.

So, yea, things are a little blue and dark here this morning.

For some hopefully clearer skies, visit Sky Watch.  It’s cleansing!