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We all need a little smile now and again

4 Feb

pink_birdieHave you ever seen anything so cute?  I mean, seriously.  If you are looking for a way to brighten up someone’s day, you need look no further than this Etsy shop, feltmeupdesigns.  Not only do they have an incredibly funny name, but their birds.  Oh, my goodness, their birds.  You MUST go and look.  I saved you the trouble of looking for the bewds . . . I linked to their tweets and hoots section.

As I said yesterday, we need to find ways to fight back the Nothing and trust me when I saw, this little tweeter will fight like nobody’s business!


Bridge out

4 Feb

Bridge Out

With the uncertainty about my job next year, I’m feeling a bit like this picture.  I’m on stable ground now but I know I will have to cross this shaky bridge soon.

This is impacting my health, my patience levels, and my happiness.  And, as a teacher and as a mother, I find that being healthy, patient, and happy are really important.  But, everyday now, I have a churning stomach, short fuse, and a bit of a gray cloud following me around.

My husband and I were talking about all this deep stuff about how the economic uncertainty is affecting us — he has had jobs canceled (he’s an architect) and I’ve been given notice that I’ll get my notice . . . I’m noticing that both of us have a tendancy to escape right now into tv and food and silence.

It’s a bit like the Nothing in The Never Ending Story . . . it’s coming and seems unstoppable but if you give in, you just speed it along it’s way.  So, we’re fighting the nothing, the blahs, the blues.  Remaining optimistic . . . it’s a good thing.