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Ruby Tuesday: Storm Watch!

17 Feb

Ruby's going to wait out the storm

Ruby’s philosophy is to get cozy and wait out the storm.  I agree with her completely!

I’m using this weather site to keep track of the rain rate.  Past tests have shown that it tracks pretty consistently with my house.  Another really cool thing I found while perusing local weather stuff is this neat tool.  It is a USGS site that shows the water rate going through our local river, the San Lorenzo River.  As you can see, we got very close to our all-time high yesterday.  For the record, I lived here when we had that all-time-high in 1982 — it was the year that we had mudslides that took out 16 homes.

If you are curious about how this storm is looking for our creek and how it compares to previous years, take a look at the Flickr set I’ve created for my photos of our creek during storms [click].

Oh, and you may notice that my friend, Neefer, has wondered about this huge log that is in my creek.  I don’t see it going anywhere soon — it’s on rock, not mud.  But, now there is additional cause for concern . . . Winnie the Pooh is hanging out on it just tempting fate!

Teddy Bear in peril

Hopefully, the storms have settled down for now although we’d like to have more rain, please!  If the creek gets higher, I’ll share here and on the Flickr group.