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My new very best favorite bird artist this week

28 Feb
Chickadee Art by karingrow

Chickadee Art by karingrow

I used to raise Labradors.  Labradors love everyone and are convinced that everyone loves them.  So, in the spirit of Labradors, I want to tell you about my new best, favorite bird artist.  karingrow has an etsy shop.  She has felted birds, bird paintings, and . . . wait for it . . . Boston Terriers.

Oh sure, it would be better if she had Rat Terriers . . . or even Labradors! Still, it’s pretty clear that the first dog of birding is Chet Baker (as seen by this photo shoot . . . he is one patient birder!). Plus, Chet knows from art given that his Mether, Julie Zickefoose is a phenomenal bird artist herself.

Given that Chickadees are the favorite birds in America — just ask the guys at 10,000 Birds — you NEED to go buy a Chickadee painting!  After all, she’s my new best favorite bird artist this week!