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Blog Tour: Fiona Robyn and The Letters

4 Mar

For my birthday present to myself, I’ve invited an author here as part of her Blog TourFiona Robyn has written several books and her debut novel, The Letters, has been released recently. I was fortunate enough to get the opportunity to read it weeks ago.  I thoroughly enjoyed it — staying up to the wee hours on a school night to finish it.

Fiona’s books:

  • The Letters (March 2009)
  • small stones:  a year of moments (2008)
  • A Year of Questions:  How to slow down and fall in love with live (2007)
  • Living Things  – poetry collection (2007)

To be released books:

  • The Blue Handbag (August 2009)
  • Thaw (February 2010)

I first met Fiona (in the Internet-ish way that means I started reading her blogs) through following links on poetry blogs I read.  I’m almost positive that it was Crafty Green Poet that led me there.  (Thanks, Juliet!)  I enjoy all three of her blogs — Planting Words (wherein she writes about being a writer), a small stone (wherein she shares moments from her day)  and a handful of stones (where she publishes other people’s “small stones” in her literary blogzine).  She has been kind enough to publish two of my poetic efforts in her blogzine.

So, tomorrow, on my birthday, I’ll be sharing an interview with Fiona here.  Happy birthday to me!