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Free or Cheap Kindle Books!

7 Mar

One of the joys of Kindle ownership is the ability to carry a small library around with you all the time.  One of the trials of Kindle ownership is slapping down $360 and then buying a small library of books as well.  Amazon prices their  Kindle books pretty well.  Most best-sellers are $9.99 with older books being less.  Some publishers aren’t as cooperative and a book you are just dying to read may cost more than that.  They are still less than the real world editions, however.

Still cheap or free books are pretty appealing.  Here are some sources I’ve found for those cheap or free Kindle books.

  • Free Kindle Books at the Kindle Store — This blog is generally about the Kindle as a whole — with lots of speculation about what future Kindles will look like and what other eReaders will do with their products.  Still, every so often, he lets us know about free Kindle books.
  • Books on the Knob — Love love love this blog.  Exactly what I want . . . free books.  She shares deals that Amazon has for free books but also finds other free eBooks on the web and shares them as well.  Sometimes its a hit and sometimes a miss but you know I’ll give a free book a chance pretty happily!  🙂

In addition, Amazon has made a number of books available for free.  For starters, they put up a huge list of public domain books.  Additionally, they have other books available for free.

Lastly, there are other publishers who will make eBook versions of their books available for free or for cheap on the Internet.  Sometimes, these are PDF versions which aren’t immediately readable on the Kindle.  There are two options for converting PDFs to Kindle documents.  The first is to email it to your Kindle.  Amazon will convert any document for you and they charge just $0.10 per document.  Additionally, Mac users can get the free software Stanza and let it convert for you.  The Stanza solution requires that you use the direct connect solution to get your converted books onto your Kindle.  I have used both solutions and they both work nicely.

The latest free Kindle book that I downloaded is one that I already own in a paperback version.  This is the first book in a speculative historical fiction book.  Set in Napoleonic Europe, it sets the premise that dragons are real and exist here on Earth in relationship with man.  The books are thoroughly engaging.  I’ve read the first three and my daughter is most of the way through the 2nd book.  His Magesty’s Dragon is just a great read!

So go forth and find free or cheap books and let me know about YOUR sources for inexpensive Kindle books!