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Wordless Wednesday: California Poppies

17 Mar



A Gull doing Gully things

17 Mar

Something about this gull made me think of Ravens.  When Ravens approach a piece of food on the ground, they will touch it and jump before grabbing it up and eating it.  Often they’ll do it a couple of times before they accept that it’s okay and fly off with it.

This gull was swimming at Whistlestop Lagoon hunting.  I think he was hunting for crabs but I’m not sure.  I didn’t get the whole sequence on camera but did get some of it.  He would see something he liked and launch himself up into the air.  Well, the rest you can see.  I want to emphasize that this gull was swimming mere moments before I took this shot.  He achieved that position from the water.  It was wacky, I tell you!  Wacky!






I love this last shot as he looks for all the world as if he’s saying, “What?  What are you looking at?  I’m just swimming here.”

When I took this series, I didn’t see him get anything.  However, the first time I saw him do it, he came up with something yummy . . . very red in color.  He ate it right down though so I’m not sure it was a crab.   He did this behavior 3 or 4 times before flying off.  It was very cool.

California Gull
And, no, this isn’t the same gull, although I suppose it might be, who could tell. But, it seemed a nice way to end the story.  Good-bye Gull.  Thanks for sharing your odd behavior with me.