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Gold Party . . . oh yea, we’re that hip and cool!

24 Mar


So, my husband was watching the news a few weeks ago and saw a story about Gold Parties being the latest trend.  Forget Tupperware, the story goes, have a Gold Party.  The idea is that you bring your friends and their old gold together with a jeweler who will buy gold.  The buyer gets gold, the friends get money, and you get a cut for putting it all together.


My husband immediately thought of his mother who lives in a retirement community.  He ran the idea by her and she ran with it.  She contacted a jeweler that she’s done business with in the past.  They agreed on terms and we had the party Saturday night.

gold-bars-636What fun.  My mother-in-law and I put out wine and cheese.  We got to hang out and chat with her friends.  The jewelers set up their stuff and people brought their bags of broken, old jewelry in and they tested it to see what was real gold, what karat it was, and what wasn’t real.  They were so respectful and careful about their jobs.  We had so much fun.

And, everyone walked away with a little money.  Not bad in these hard economic times.

So, have you thought about having a gold party yourself?

Lesser Goldfinch, male