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A Sky Watching Black Phoebe

26 Mar

Black Phoebe

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Kindle Love!

26 Mar

I love my Kindle2!  Lest there be any doubt about a honeymoon period and the wearing off thereof, let me say it again . . . I love my Kindle2.

I have a huge number of books on it.  It’s insane.  One reason is that I waited to get some books from favorite authors until I got the Kindle2.  Then, another favorite, Dana Stabenow has released some old out-of-print books on Kindle for great prices — she is doing this at the same time her latest book is out on Kindle, as well.  I have also gotten books by Nevada BarrJD Robb, and Patricia Cornwell.

Now, if only I had time to actually READ!

Birds on my Kindle2