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We love watching TopGear!

20 Apr

top-gear-hosts1My husband started watching TopGear and before you know it, we’re all sucked in.  These insane Brits . . . Jeremy, James, and Richard are wild men behind the wheel. They love fast, powerful cars and drive them around the TopGear track in England.  They have a tame race car driver named The Stig.  My favorite part is the contests they are put through ridiculous challenges.  They are obnoxious and silly and we just sit back and laugh.  Oh, and the bickering.  They fight and treat each other horribly.

We watched an episode the other day where they went camping . . . it didn’t go well . . . anyway, as part of their activities while camping.  They went twitching . . . TopGear style.  I was all excited until they started pointing out cars going by on the highway near their campsite.  Hilarious.  Oh, they also set the camper on fire.  Seriously.

We all need a laugh and these guys are reliable sources of humor!