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Lost Baby!

23 Apr

Lost baby Wood Duck. Found by a friend under her car. No sign of Mom. I sent her back home with directions to leave it in a safe place where Mom could find it but keeping a watchful eye on it. She will call our local native animal rescue if Mom doesn’t show up. Poor thing.

Baby Wood Duck

UPDATE: Mama never showed up so young Bob Marley (10 year old girl named it!) was sent off to Native Animal Rescue to be cared for properly!


My favorite bird photo from our trip to LA

23 Apr

Even with all the parrots . . . something about this photo just makes me warm and fuzzy inside.

White-crowned Sparrow

Maybe it’s the fact that it’s focused on the plants behind the bird? Maybe it’s that all the WCSP were looking so plump and fluffy and this one clearly saw something cool and needed to really look at it? Maybe it’s his funny wing position?

Don’t know for sure. But, it works for me.