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SkyWatch – Getting Ready to Face the Day

14 May

Getting Ready to Face the Day!

14 May

Mourning Dove

Spending time in a deep pool of worry and stress is like hitting yourself on the head with a hammer.  It feels so good when it stops.  And, with that, I can report that my mother came through her brain surgery yesterday.  She was making jokes after she got settled into ICU.  And my dear stepfather, Igor, says that he asked her some niggling detail questions and she answered them correctly.  Good sign!

My sweet sister and her husband are going up there this weekend to help out.  They’ll stay through Thursday and then I’ll trade places with them.  Hopefully a week of help from us kids will get them heading toward recovery.  I’m planning to bring up a bunch of frozen meals (thanks to my darling mother-in-law for helping with that effort) so that they don’t have to worry about that at least.

Relief is such a wonderful feeling!