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House Finches

18 May

Female House Finch

House Finches are everywhere. But their song is so beautiful that it does not pay to become so used to it that you block i out.  I am often walking down a street, struck by the beauty of a song I hear, only to realize it’s a House Finch.  The male HFs are bold and bright while the females blend in with their surroundings.

Male House Finch pretending to be an ice plant flower

This male seems to be blending in with the ice plant flowers.  “Wrong shade of pink, dude!”  They actually love the ice plant on my mother-in-law’s sandy hillside.  They seem to get bugs there but they also get to drink water from her drippy sprinklers.   This guy is waiting his turn at a sprinkler now.

Oddly colored House Finch

We see House Finches where ever we go.  This one was very orange instead of reddish-pink.  For more on color variation in House Finches, click here.

Sadly, House Finches are susceptible to disease. To learn more and to help, click here.

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